Awesome Trends to Consider for Your Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation can improve the value, functionality, and aesthetics of your home. knowing where to start, however, can be tricky. luckily, there are reno trends that can be your inspiration, starting point and guide. there are trends for every feature in the bathroom, from cabinets to faucets. below are five trends that could help you transform your bathroom into a beautiful oasis that adds value to your home.

The Rise of Iron-Frame Showers

Iron framing is in and most common around doors and windows, but this striking trend has extended to the bathroom, and particularly the shower. Iron-framed showers provide visual interest and a strong architectural presence. A dark iron-frame shower paired with pale tile is one of the most notable colour combinations in this trend.

Untouched and Unlacquered Brass Fixtures

Gone are the days of chrome or polished nickel bathroom fixtures. Today, unlacquered brass is the finish of choice for faucets, door handles, lighting fixtures and more. Over time, unlacquered brass develops a patina that's just as beautiful as its original colour.

Timeless Penny-Round Tile

Penny-round tile has been around for more than a hundred years and is a style that never seems to go out of style. The tiles are known for their geometric uniqueness, versatility, durability and unmatched visual interest. They’re useful on floors and walls. Specifically, the tiles can add a clean look and focal point to shower stalls. For cohesiveness, you could tile the walls and floor in the same penny-round tile with alternating patterns.

Ever-Popular and Luxurious Freestanding Tubs

In the past few years, freestanding tubs have become a mainstay in bathroom trends. The tubs come in many shapes, but all offer a modern look, sculptural uniqueness, and clean lines. They also bring a sense of serenity and simplicity to bathrooms, offering the ultimate spa feel. Plus, thanks to their popularity, freestanding tubs have become more accessible to consumers.

Sophisticated Boudoir Bathrooms

Boudoir bathrooms are a trending style in bathroom makeovers. They offer a charm and vintage feel that many people desire these days. The general design features vintage fixtures, cabinets, flooring, and accessories, as well sophisticated, vintage yet modern wallpaper. These bathrooms are designed to look like dressing rooms from the past.

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