9 Bathroom Trends We’ll Definitely See in 2020

In the ever-evolving world of design, it’s always a good thing to be informed of what is currently in style. If you are eyeing to renovate your bathroom soon, you don’t want to be using an outdated look. As we look ahead to 2020, let’s check out the 10 trends to watch out for!

Biophilic design

Climate change and the environment is properly trending next year, and next year’s bathroom trend focuses on calm and serenity that nature-inspired design can bring. It’s time to integrate indoor plants into the bathroom space or integrate a piece of nature in the décor. You can put a lot of greenery on your wall, adjust the lighting to reflect nature by using big windows, a skylight, or a dimmer to imitate natural light. Colours that soothe rather than agitate will fit in beautifully.

Standalone tubs

The year 2020 is really focused on a more subdued, rudimentary aesthetic that features imperfect yet elegant shapes. Inspired by Japanese bathroom design, standalone tubs will be a big hit. Standalone water basins will be trendy, too.

Simplicity is still beauty

Minimalism is still in. The key is to make your bathroom as simple as possible without being basic-looking. Minimalistic fittings will be great, and so will bathroom vanities that are minimalist and simple-looking.


Millennial pink is so over. The year 2020 will be the reign of black, copper, gold, shined or brushed. If you must choose pink, use a gold variant such as rose gold.

Console-style Vanities

We cram all sorts of items in the bathroom, so you need space to store them. Console-like bathroom vanities will be an ideal choice. A powder room fits this trend to the tee.

Bathroom Lighting

To go minimalist, linear lighting and light fixtures that make the elements in your bathroom stand out will really work.
wide relaxing white marble wall shower


Flashy tiling will no longer work when the design world is bent on subtlety and sobriety. Tiles that have neutral colour palettes, especially matte black and gray, are trendy. Unique shapes and texture are the way to go when it comes to tiles. Go for elegance that does not scream at you.

Shower Walk-ins

Bathroom shower walk-ins will be desirable for 2020. You can choose to install shower walk-ins with glass doors or opt for a more nature-loving look, such as pebbles or small tiles.

Wood is Still Good

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, wood is a winning material and theme for 2020. Choose bathtubs made of wood or wooden-looking designs that give your bathroom an outdoorsy, rustic feel. The year 2020 is about simplicity, so avoid the really flamboyant furnishings for your bathroom. These are just some of the design ideas you need to think about as you get ready for a marvellous year ahead! If you're considering renovating your bathroom in 2020 make sure you contact us for your free in-home estimate! Find us on Instagram!