Keep Your Home Safe During a Renovation With These 6 Tips

Use these 6 tips to help keep your home safe during a home renovation.


1. Seal off construction-free zones

No matter what, your home is going to get dirty and dusty during a renovation. But one way to prevent that dirt and dust from spreading to other rooms in your home is to seal off construction-free zones with plastic sheeting.

2. Make sure to turn off the HVAC

Your home’s HVAC system will spread all of the dust created during a renovation throughout your home and into the air. Make sure to turn it off when construction is happening.

3. Open the windows

During a renovation, good ventilation is vital. If you are painting, make sure to open nearby windows or doors to ensure that the fumes are being aired out of the space.

4. Invest in an air purifier

Maintaining air quality is one of many struggles people face when living through a renovation. Air purifiers are proven to reduce allergens, odours, VOCs, and even bacteria! If you can afford one, an air purifier is a great investment for those looking to spruce up their homes.

5. Try out eco-friendly construction products

If possible, try to use paints, varnishes, and thinners that are safer for the environment, or are labeled “green”. These VOC-free paints are not only super eco-friendly, but they also improve indoor air quality (and your health) by releasing fewer toxins into the air.

6. Change your air filters

Tons of dust and fumes can collect in your furnace air filters during a renovation project. After your reno is complete, make sure to switch out those nasty air filters for fresh new ones. Your lungs will thank you! Whether you have hired a contractor to help you out, or are embarking on a home DIY reno project, it is always important to make safety a top priority throughout the entire process.

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