Don’t Move, Improve! 

Many Edmonton families are choosing to renovate their homes instead of moving.

With the current real estate market the way it is, a lot of Edmonton families are choosing to stay in their homes longer, and renovating it to fit their needs. A kitchen renovation can help you fall-in-love with your home, all over again.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the most utilized space in a home. The heart of the home that each family member utilizes in a different and unique way. The place where families gather and create memories through baking cookies for the school bake sale or learning mom’s special spaghetti sauce recipe. It’s a magnet board for aced school projects and calendar to organize everyone's busy schedule. Late nights and early mornings, the kitchen will have a different purpose and environment for all seasons of the year. When wanting a change of scenery in your home, an investment in a kitchen renovation is the place that will create the biggest impact.

Get Inspired

Nowadays, we have an endless selection of inspiration on different trends and styles. From HGTV to Pinterest right at our fingertips, it can become overwhelming to plan a renovation. With that being said, you get to create a space to meet your specific needs and style. Whether you are wanting a change simply in aesthetics  or strictly for functionality, a small amount of money can make a world of difference.

It's all in the details

Small changes in your kitchen, such as a change in knobs, can make the biggest difference in bringing your kitchen closer to this modern day living. Let us walk you through the process of renovating your home, including choosing your colour palette, the perfect countertop, a layout that leaves room for your guests mingle. Every detail, right down to the door knobs, we can help you fall in love again with the space your family gathers.  Not only will you have the home you’ve always dreamed of, but this will bring significant value to your home for the future. From the struggling economy to the saturated market, investing in your own home may save money in the long run.

During the summer, while you’re away with family, our team of professionals can renovate your home while you’re away on vacation.  Let us create the space of your dreams, so you can enjoy your home for years to come. Book a conversation with one of our team members.