5 Home Renovation Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

A little DIY home-improvement is a great way to save money and give your home a personal touch, but some home renovation projects should always be left to the professionals.


Electrical Wiring

You may be able to do small electrical repairs such as changing a light switch or installing that new ceiling fan, but a licensed electrician should always handle any project that goes beyond that. One wrong move with an electrical repair could burn your house down, or even worse cause an electrical shock that could result in injury or death.  

Asbestos Removal

Although asbestos removal can be costly, you should always hire a professional asbestos abatement team to remove it from your home. Inhaling airborne asbestos can result in long-term health effects such as lung disease, lung cancer, and even death.  

Waterproofing the Foundation

Waterproofing your home is much more complicated than just digging a hole around your foundation and installing a waterproofing membrane. Each waterproofing is different. In some cases, a sump pump may be needed for drainage, in others it may not. To save yourself the guesswork, it’s best to hire a specialized waterproofing company to do it for you.  

Installing a Skylight

Skylights are a great way to add some much-needed natural light into your home, but these special roof-windows are notorious for leaks if installed improperly. It’s always beneficial to hire a professional to install a skylight to prevent leaks and possible water damage to your home.  

Replacing the Roof

Roofs are easy to fall off of, and they’re even easier to fall off of when carrying tools or when tired from a hard days work. It only takes one slip to send you off of a second-story building. If you live in a single story home, you can probably get away with fixing the gutters or minor shingle repairs. But it is still recommended that roofing specialists handle most repairs.   It’s easy to get caught up in the home renovation DIY craze, but some home renovations are more dangerous than others and should be handled by a professional.   Keep this post in mind the next time you are thinking about messing around with some wires or fixing a couple of shingles— it could save you from injuring yourself or damaging your home.  

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